Community Outreach

Marcus Garvey Nursing Home Outreach Ministry
The Trinity Baptist Church reaches out monthly to the Marcus Garvey Senior Nursing Home. We minister to this local nursing home of elderly residents by providing worship experiences, pen pal ministries and Bible studies.

Bottled Water Ministry
The Bottled Water Ministry is an example of Servant Evangelism. Evangelism is the mandate of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Reaching new people for Christ for our world today in the 21st century requires creativity and new forms of relating to people. 

For this ministry we give out water to the community. Each bottle is labeled with the church's information. We give a free bottle to anyone who passes by the church in the hope that they will remember our church and visit us. Water is a symbol of giving and life as followers of Christ. As we live in a multicultural, multi-religious world, it is our responsibility to relate to people in ways that people can see, in addition to talking the faith. Walking the talk is what we must do.

Who We Are

Pastor Glenmore Bembry

History Of The Church

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